Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Signs of Autumn

The humidity has gone back up so the air conditioning is on again, but even so, there are signs of Autumn. It's cooler. Not yet crisp, but definitely cooler. Some trees are just starting to change color while the peony foliage is black and hanging to the ground. And gingerbread, one of our cold weather treats, made a very welcome return to the menu at our house tonight.

The gradual move towards fall and winter cocooning has included the urge to clean up and clean out the house so it will be cozy and soothing as we spend more time indoors. This weekend we went through all the books and most of the cds in our living room and donated nine bags to the local library book sale. That took most of a day, but it was worth it since it resulted in open space on the bookshelves that is quite restful to look at.

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  1. Organizing & cleaning up the house is a good thing! But like you said, it takes time! I need to do the same with the misc stuff in my place!


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