Sunday, July 15, 2018

A Rainy Afternoon

After dry days of 90+ degrees, this Sunday afternoon of cool mid-60's and a steady slow rain is very welcome. 

Nothing quite as nice as a lazy day of reading the paper, putzing around the studio, and taking a little nap.   

Except maybe going out to dinner with friends, which we are just about to do!

Thursday, July 12, 2018

"I Like Thursdays" -- Maui Fun

On Thursdays I like to join my friend LeeAnna at Not Afraid of Color in focusing on the interesting, beautiful, and happy side of life, joining a small community of bloggers in celebrating the good things.  It's our small way of driving away the political darkness that is so prevalent today.  So here's some fun Maui images to share. 

Lahaina was the capitol of the Kingdom of Hawaii from 1820 to 1845 and much of its history is preserved in buildings and exhibitions.  I really loved that the people of Maui were so interested in their history.  Here is the lovely home of the Rev. Dwight Baldwin, one of the first missionaries to Maui.  Mrs. Baldwin (Charlotte) raised six children in this house and entertained a constant array of visitors without the help of running water, electricity, or slave labor.  

The sugar industry was big in Maui and I learned a lot about it from the Sugar Museum, which is near the airport.  There being no slavery on the islands, contract labor was enlisted from many countries, resulting in the true melting pot that makes up Hawaii today.   I liked this little interactive area of the exhibit and had a good laugh at one clever person's answer, shown in the second photo.   

Lahaina was a great town for walking.  One day I ran across some local dancers performing at the outlet mall, which was great fun.  I was impressed to see such young kids keeping their heritage alive. 

The bar and restaurant scene was lively in Lahaina.  We spent a while at Down the Hatch checking out the locals and the tourists.  People watching is always such an important part of vacation, don't you think?  

Well, and of course, checking out the sunsets.  That was a treat, since we don't see them here in Boulder.  From our house they are hidden by the mountains. 

Over in Paia, the decor at Mama's Fish House was a constant source of entertainment to me.  I must have walked through this restaurant lobby six times going to and from beach at Mama's Cove before I realized that the attendant's stands were marked by huge, real seashells! 

Here's another thing I missed for a while.  It's on the path to our room from the restaurant.  No, I'm not blind; it's just that Mama's was loaded with cool decor and interesting plants and flowers.  

There was also lots to see in the neighborhood and in town.  Check out this boat garage.  Surely the house was designed for this particular boat, since it just fits. 

And I loved this old phone booth in Paia.  Really captured the spirit of this "hippie" town.

Turtle watching was a big activity.  We saw one swimming while we were on a snorkel tour off of  Lani'i, across the water from Lahaina, and they regularly swam at Mama's Cove where at least one would come up on the beach each night.  As a matter of fact, I practically snorkeled right into a turtle at the cove which scared me to death and also filled me with awe.  Those guys are big and beautiful.

But turtle heaven seemed to be at the next beach up from Mama's, Ho'okipa Beach which is known for its wind surfing and surfing.  As you saw in the video I posted the other day the turtles come and go all day long there which was super cool to watch.  To keep the turtles from being too loved, there's a rock wall to separate them from all their admirers.  Those humps that look like rocks in the background are turtles.

But what I wanted to know was how did the turtles know to come up at that particular part of the beach?  

Maui was such fun and full of great things to see and do.  I sure hope I get back!  Aloha, beautiful Maui!

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Oh, Maui!

Maui was amazing!  Not only was there plenty of great beaches and snorkeling, but there were several great hikes, wonderful food, beautiful breezes, and lots of history.  Just my kind of vacation and a memorable way to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary.  

We stayed four nights in the busy historic and touristy town of Lahaina on the West Shore, and four nights in at the Inn at Mama's Fish House, near laid-back town of Paia on the North Shore.  We had a lot of fun in Lahaina, but being at Mama's Fish House took my breath away.  Mama's restaurant is extremely popular and well-reviewed, but the Inn is lesser known.  Good thing for us since it meant we could get one of 12 rooms.    

There was a small cove in front of Mama's that offered convenient access to the ocean.  The restaurant faced the water and diners would have their photos taken by the palm trees that lined the small hill that ran down to the water.  

Our suite was quite luxurious and I made it my business to enjoy all the comfort it offered!  

But we didn't just hang around our wonderful room.  In addition to doing some snorkeling, eating, and checking out the beach vibe, we did some great hikes on that side of the island, including the Wailhee Ridge Trail, which went up, up up.  It was a tough 4.5 miles, but worth every huff and puff. 

Beware the false summit!  This photo was not taken at the top, but about halfway up.

 We also drove through the beautiful agricultural area of the "upcountry" to the Haleakala volcano.  We walked on trails near the top and a bit down into the crater.   Pretty cool to be up in the clouds!

So much for a travel report!  Tomorrow I'll show some photos of some of the fun things we saw on our wonderful trip. 

Monday, July 9, 2018

Maui Turtles

We are back from Maui and getting over our jet lag.  Photos in a day or two, but meanwhile I thought you might enjoy this little video of turtles on the Ho'okipa Beach.  I thought they all arrived at once, slept, and then left in a herd.  But no.......

Click here if the arrow above doesn't work. 


Thursday, June 28, 2018

"I LIke" Thursday

Joining my friend LeeAnna's "I Like" Thursday, at Not Afraid of Color because one antidote to these  crazy political times is refocusing on the little things that make you happy.    

Did I tell you that Paul came home from his trip to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands?  He had a great time and was all smiles as he sported a nifty Panama hat and some cool sunglasses.   I like having him back. 

No sooner had he returned but he cut his hair and bleached it to a summery silver.  I like it, but I'd better enjoy it now since he says he'll soon add some color, maybe blue. 

Did I tell you that Fetcher got a big cut under his front left leg, up in the armpit?  (Do cats have armpits? Well, you get the idea anyway.)  The vet said it looked like he jumped up on a fence that had metal or glass at the top.  Poor kitty!  He had to get several stitches and stay inside for a week which he hated except that he got to snuggle up with Ben a lot.  He's on the mend now, which I like very much.  

The flowers around here have been very beautiful so far this year.  Don't know what this one is, but I sure like it.

It's been fun watching the blooming Allium .....

..transform into these space-like dried flowers. 

There's been a lot of purple flowers lately, which I like. 

It's been hot the past few days and check out this weather forecast for tomorrow!  I don't think its hit 100 degrees since we moved here.   Not so sure I like this new record. 

But I do like gin & tonics on a hot summer day! 

And even in the heat, meeting friends downtown for happy hour is always fun. 

Actually, I'm not too concerned about it being 100 degrees tomorrow since by 7:30 a.m. I'll be on a bus to the airport and by 4:00 p.m. Hawaii time I'll be in Maui!  Ben and I are off to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary.  I like that!

I won't be posting here for the next week or so, and I'm anti Facebook at the moment (bad FB!), but I may put a few photos up on Instagram.  Catch me at Spikeyfetcher.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Oh, Hail!

 We had a hailstorm about 6:00 Monday evening, with the biggest balls of hail I've seen since we moved here four years ago.   It was exciting but scary! 

I was sitting out on the patio when it started, nicely protected by the roof of the balcony above me as I watched the small balls splat against the flagstone.  But they soon became bigger and the sound of them whacking our neighbor's metal roof was like bullets.  And, like bullets, they ricocheted off any hard surface, bouncing around in every direction.  Feeling a bit scared and wanting to share the experience, I ran downstairs and called Paul out of his room.  For some reason I felt better with him watching the storm with me, even though he thought it was great fun and I thought it was fun but scary. 

Here's a one-minute video so you get an idea of the noise and chaos as the big balls of ice flew around.  (If clicking on the arrow doesn't work, try clicking here.)

Ben was out at the store during this deluge and called to suggest that I move my car into the garage.  It was too late by then, and later we realized that there are now plenty of very small dents all over the hood and roof of my little VW Gulf.  Luckily there wasn't any serious damage to our cars or our house, though the entire yard was covered with leaves that had been sliced off the trees by the hail.  The other casualty was a newly planted cucumber plant; each one of its four vines were cut cleanly  off the stem.   

Yesterday some of the area had yet another round of hail, but it just got dark and windy here.  I was glad; one big hail storm every four years is about all I think my nerves can take! 

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Around Here

 Around here the roses are having a great year.  These are some from my garden.

And these pretties are from Elfriede's garden. 

Elfrieda owns a fabric store here in Boulder that's been in business for 43 years.  When I walked in the other day I was hit by a beautiful strong odor and looked around to see what it could be from.  Elfriede saw me looking and joyfully proclaimed "It's from my 100 year old roses!"  And indeed it was.   I'd never seen roses with this type of center and I think they are lovely.

Around here our thoughts often turn to Ecuador, where Paul is touring with a school group.  Before he left for the Galapagos Islands he managed to text a few photos of Quito.  

And he posted this one on Instagram. We did get to talk with him the first night he was in Quito and learned that our picky eater had found some good things to eat including potatoes and dark chocolate!

Around here we've been working hard on gardening and painting the wood trim on the new posts on the patio.  But we're also enjoying some down time.   I really enjoyed going out to the movie theater to watch RBG, a documentary about Ruth Bader Ginsburg.  I had no idea of all the legal work she did in the 70's to establish rights for women.  Working on the ACLU's Women's Rights Project, she argued several cases related to the employment of women before the Supreme Court, winning all but one.   I started working in 1974 and my career would have been very different without people like RBG working so hard to promote the equality of women. 

And around here I've been making more time for reading.  A friend gave me this book which she described as a "page turner," which it certainly was.  Set during the siege of Leningrad in WWII, it has plenty of ugly war related vignettes, but also the story of an unlikely friendship and of adventure and courage.  

We've had some hot weather the past two weeks and tomorrow will again be in the low 90's.  It's a good time to chill out on the patio and pet your cat.  Around here it's summertime and the living is easy!

Joining my friend LeeAnna's "I Like" Thursday, at Not Afraid of Color.