Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Another Beautiful Day

We've had the most beautiful weather yesterday and today and it is promised for the whole week. Wonderful low humidity and almost-crisp temperatures led me to turn off the a.c. and open up all the windows in the house. There's nothing quite like sleeping with the windows open when the air is so "just right."

This change in weather and the turning of the calendar today to "September" has got me thinking about the coming of fall. In recent years fall has meant Halloween. Several Halloween Spirit stores are about to reopen in our area reminding me and Paul that we bought quite a few nifty Halloween items at their close-out sale last year. We're starting to look forward to getting it all unpacked and up in another month or so.

But thank heavens we don't have to rouse ourselves to that work yet, since the balmy air is so relaxing and the porch is beckoning.

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