Friday, October 9, 2009

Adults Only

Paul had a long play date this afternoon so I met Ben downtown for an early dinner. It was so great being with him for some "just us" time. We met at one of our favorite restaurants, The Matchbox, named in part for the matchbooks which are displayed in the center of each table. It's a jumping place with lots of city vibe, a far cry from the cookie cutter restaurants we find in the suburbs around us out here. We had a table near the entrance and I enjoyed watching all the people who came in to eat or who hung out at the bar while they waited for tables. The food was inventive and full of complex flavors, especially the crab and avocado salad which was really a "tower" of crab on top of an avocado base topped with a light pesto sauce and watercress. So good...all of it....the food, the environment, and the company. A real treat!

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