Sunday, October 25, 2009

In the Mood

Now this was the day to get in the mood.... for Halloween!

Halloween is a big deal in our household. When the crisp fall air finally hits our mostly humid locale, we don't spend our time cleaning up the garden like we should, but spend it putting up lights and spooky decorations outside. We even have a few traditions; we buy pumpkins by the wagon load from a place that sells them in the field, right off the vine, and we go to the local historic house for a pre-Halloween campfire and scary story-telling hour. We did both of those things today and it was fun.

One thing new this year was that Paul carved his own pumpkins. My baby, using real carving tools with scant supervision; thank heavens I was out buying more fabric for his wizard costume! When I came home he proudly showed me the two creations he had made while Dad raked leaves and kept an eye pealed for trouble on the carving front. "Take a picture for your blog," Paul said. And I did.

I saw many little children at the pumpkin patch and campfire today who were mighty cute. I had plenty of time to admire them while Paul and his friend were off having fun without me. Coming home to find that Paul could use carving tools to make cool pumpkins by himself was just another sign that he isn't a little child anymore. My baby just keeps growing up!


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