Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hanging Out and Growing Up at Great Wolf Lodge

We had a great weekend at the Great Wolf Lodge in Williamsburg, hanging out in the water park with Paul's friends Bryan and Robbie and Ben's brother's family, "kicking butt" on the Howling Tornado, and taking cool underwater photographs with Ben's new camera.

When these pleasures paled, the boys all did the Magic Quest, a game involving magic wands that are used to "complete nine quests, and help the Pixies heal their magic crystal, defeat the Goblin to recover the Princess' jewels, and save us all from the ferocious Dragon." This according to the Quest Master Certificate which all three of the big boys received after many serious and often frustrating attempts to complete all the quests. When I left late Saturday afternoon for my long-anticipated "Fusion Hot Stone Massage," only Bryan had achieved Quest Master status. Although they were despondent after several failed attempts, Robbie and Paul were manning up for additional efforts and brushed off my motherly attempts to soothe them. Ben reported later that it was a triumphant moment when Paul finally beat the dragon and completed the quests. He put on the wizard hat and robe I had made him for Halloween and proudly marched through the questing halls showing off the hard-won badge which signified that he, too, was a Quest Master.

We didn't get a picture of that moment of glory, but did capture all three Quest Masters the next morning as they mentored Paul's little cousin in questing techniques. The Quest Masters whispered to us that the cousin "just points his wand at anything and thinks it's fun" and we had to remind them that they did the very same thing just three years ago when they first played the game. It was a poignant reminder to us of how our fellow is growing up.

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