Saturday, January 9, 2010

It Sure Feels Good!

Paul was away on a long play date today and Ben was ice climbing near Lake Placid (yes, I know!) so I cleaned. Sounds pitiful, doesn't it? But it wasn't at all; it was great. Beside finally cleaning the kitchen floor and packing up the remaining Christmas decorations, I tackled the so-called sewing room. This is a multi-tasking room used for the laundry, ironing, gift wrapping, and various crafts including sewing. Lately it has been Santa's Workshop.

After several hours of work I had filled three big bags of trash, made one bag of "give-aways" and ....

.... cleared work surfaces near the sewing machines.....

...and the cutting/work table...

...and on top on the fabric storage chest.

As a reward for all that cleanup I now have a corner devoted to gift wrapping....

....and six boxes of fabric scraps sorted by color and in drawers that can be pulled out and easily carried to the cutting/work table.

It sure feels good to get things cleared out, cleaned up, and under control.

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  1. You have an impressive work space! I spent our recent snow day making a dress instead of reading-- my children tell me that they are not called Sew Days, but I don't believe them.


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