Thursday, January 7, 2010

Serge at Fourteen



He sleeps a great deal and wobbles in a pitiful manner when he stands and walks. He often doesn't hear when someone comes to the door and doesn't always bother to get up when he sees it's Ben or me. We have to stick close by him when he's outside or he'll get disoriented and wander around in confusion. I'm not sure that he's eating much of his food (the cat can also get at it) and I can feel his ribs. Yet just when we think his time is up he'll suddenly kick into gear, running and acting frisky, at least for a while. He still loves a treat and displays great interest whenever we're cooking, sniffing the floor for droppings and hoping for a handout.

Every day we ask him, "How's your quality of life?" and, so far, we haven't heard that he's ready to go. But we're listening.

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