Friday, March 5, 2010

Abe Lincoln

Paul's social studies class had a "Blacks in Wax" event today, where each child represented a famous black American. They wrote a short biography, made a display board with pictures, dressed as their character, and made a short speech whenever an adult pushed the red "Press me" button on the display board. Paul is one of the few white children in his class, so it seemed natural that he choose Abraham Lincoln as his character. This being on the fourth-grade level, Lincoln's contribution came down to freeing the slaves. The truth, of course, is a bit more complicated, but I concentrated on being the costume mistress and left the fine distinctions to the teacher to sort out.

Paul was outfitted in a top hat I made of duct tape, a suit coat and white shirt I got from the Goodwill store (since he has doesn't have a suit), and a bow tie I made from a satin ribbon. He looked pretty good, I thought, and he did a great job giving his speech over and over again.

After the big event, Ben and I went off for some adult fun; lunch in Annapolis at Pusser's, a waterfront restaurant with a Caribbean inspired menu.

This lady seemed to approve of our fun little mini-get-away.

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