Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Living Room Redecoration: Another Step Forward

Our plans to redo the living room included getting some kind of desk and storage system for Paul. For the most part he likes to play and do his schoolwork downstairs so he can be near us, but he has hardly any shelves or drawers for his toys and school things so they are a constant mess. We've considered many options, from buying Ikea shelving to ordering custom built-ins. Then a friend offered us a "big desk and hutch with lots of storage" and we decided to take it, at least as a temporary measure. So we rented a big van, which was very exciting.........

.....and last night we picked up the furniture and moved it into the living room. It was quite an effort to get this huge thing in the house, but once it was in, it settled nicely into the corner of the living room as though it belonged there forever.

It was lucky that the new desk has the same tones as most of the furniture in the room. Here you see how well it fits in next to the computer station. Clearly the white bookcase has to go, but I can easily get a wood-toned one to replace it and the old one will go up to Paul's room to hold boxes of Legos.

Paul and I moved him into his new space today and now we're all tuckered out. We were able to get rid of a big wire shelf unit, Paul's old "little boy" table and chair, a rolling cart of plastic drawers, and an old music cabinet. We're pretty tickled with the result!

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