Friday, July 15, 2011

"Here, Fishy, Fishy"

What's everyone looking at? We're waiting and watching for the koi to appear.

The experts say that koi are a bit shy the first few days in a new pond, but "soon" they will begin to appear regularly, especially when they think you are about to feed them. Many koi learn to eat right from your hand, which would be thrilling to one almost-eleven-year-old that I know!

Luckily, we took some photos of our koi before they were put in the pond on Tuesday.

The big one is "Bubba," the two gold ones are "Goldie 1" and "Goldie 2" (until we come up with better names), and Paul's green fish is "Jerry" (I don't know why).

I have high hopes that they will be great pets. Paul has been lobbying for a new pet along the lines of a ferret or hamster, or, his big dream, his own dog. With any luck, the koi will fill some of that longing. Last night, for no apparent reason, they had a fish party between nine and ten o'clock, all swimming around exploring the pool and chomping down on the koi food we threw in. It was very entertaining and a preview of the good times ahead.

But so far today they've been hiding again.

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