Monday, August 29, 2011


Hurricane Irene knocked our power out on Saturday night. We've always had reliable power so we thought it would come back on as soon as the storm was over. But there were widespread outages in our area, and Sunday turned into Monday and we still powerless. Living without hot water, computer access, TV, and lights was harder than I thought it would be, and I especially missed using the blender to make my morning coffee shake.

But the real problem was the pond. Its pump and filter were, of course, not working without power, and I began to fret about our fish. When the afternoon news reports said that it could be Friday or Saturday before all the outages were fixed, Ben headed out to buy a generator.

We got gas, got the generator running, snaked extension cords into the house and plugged in the pond.

Oh, did it feel good to see the waterfall running again and know that our fish would have the oxygen and clean water they needed.

After minimal discussion, we plugged in the router (for wifi and phone service), and the iMac (for communication and entertainment).

And no sooner had we done that, and were smiling with joy, and the power for the entire house turned on!

We all stared at each other and then had a good laugh. What a coincidence!

Well, as Paul says, we're ready for whatever power outages we might have this winter. And heaven knows, with an earthquake and a major hurricane within the week, there's no telling what amazing weather the rest of the year might bring.

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