Wednesday, September 14, 2011

While I Wasn't Looking

While we were in Maine last year I bought the 2011 Abacus Calendar calendar by Dana Heacock. The print for the current month hangs next to my computer, and today I noticed that the August print was still up. While I wasn't looking I had missed the first two weeks of September. My mother had gone into the ER just as the Labor Day weekend was beginning, and we've been almost totally occupied by her situation since then. She's spent a week in the hospital, we got her moved home and into hospice care along with a 24/7 caregiver, and moved all of her things out of the assisted living facility. It's been an exhausting two weeks.

Right now Mom is sleeping most of the time, and it's good to see her resting so peacefully and comfortably in her much-loved home.

Today, as I took down the August print and put up the new month, I was disconcerted to
realize that we were already halfway into September.

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