Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A New Skin

Spikey is getting bigger.

Unfortunately for him, his skin doesn't grow along with his body. This means he has to shed the old skin, which, we read, seems to be an unpleasant experience. Decreased appetite and grouchiness are big signs that a shed is about to occur. Spikey didn't eat much the past two days, but he is always sweet tempered with Paul, so I was surprised when Paul came downstairs this evening not only with Spikey but with a cup of skin Spikey had shed during the day.

Lizards don't shed their skin all in one piece like snakes, but in small clumps or strips. I was surprised that there two different textures, and I guess that the bottom piece was from his belly.

There was still a light beige patch of skin on his head that hadn't shed yet.

Even though he's not completely done with the shed, overall his colors are nice and bright and he looks great.

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