Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Holiday Tour of the Library

We've had miserable weather all day, with almost constant heavy downpours of rain. It's been a good time to be inside enjoying the festive holiday decorations that my colleague and I put up during the last week.

On the door, there is a cute Santa giving us a count of the number of days until Christmas. Three Lego Christmas ornaments that Paul made hang from the top of the door frame.

These ornaments are quite popular with the kids. As Ben says, Paul has his pulse on the tween sensibility!

As you enter, you see garland and ornaments decorating the windows across the room. Doesn't it look great? I like it so much that I'm trying to think of some year-round garland to keep up there.

As you approach the checkout desk, you see the decorated white board. For some reason, the kids particularly like the lights.

My colleague found the three fun Bobble-head dolls.

On the circulation desk I have a ceramic tree and Santa which my mother made. He makes a pretty good bookmark holder, doesn't he?

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