Friday, December 9, 2011

We're ending the first week of December, and there's really only two more weeks until Christmas! Amazing.

It was cold this morning, which may be why this little herd of deer showed up in our pasture.

With half our household having gotten Lyme's disease in the past, I'm never happy to see deer around here. It used to be that our dogs kept them at bay, but in these dog-less days they are living it up, boldly staking a claim to our yard,

They have no fear of us. They just stand and look at us and for us to go away and leave them alone. I admit that they are pretty. And the poor things will certainly be hungry this winter. But that's as much as they are going to get from me!

Aside from decorating the library and the house (photos to come soon), I've been enjoying wrapping the few presents I've bought. I didn't realize that gifts for Ben's Mom and my Mom had been such a large part of our present buying these past few years. Without them here, the number of presents purchased has dropped dramatically. I remember how Ben's mother always wrapped her gifts so beautifully, with fancy paper and bows, and decided to be indulgent this year and do the same. It's made gift wrapping fun, instead of a chore. Shiny silver paper from Hallmark, silver and red textured ribbon, fancy gift bags, and pretty tissue paper have all made the old chore of gift-wrapping a fun creative activity.

I was tickled today when Paul wrapped the gifts he had bought at the schools' Secret Santa shop. It's the first year that he's done his own wrapping.

Even the gift shopping itself has been fun. Most has been online, and when I do go out, I end up buying quite a bit for myself, since I rarely get out to shop anymore.

Today while I was out I bought this cute pajama top from Soma, along with a comfy pair of black lounging pants to wear with it on cozy "at home" nights at home. I'm wearing it right now and it's mighty comfortable!

Tomorrow is a big day, starting with getting my hair done and ending with a holiday dinner and an adult evening overnight at the Tabbard Inn in D. C.

Can't wait!

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