Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Story Time Monday: The Chinese New Year

The first day of the Chinese New Year fell on Story Time Monday this year, so we took the chance to celebrate it. Luckily, the school had many costumes and props from its production of Mulan last year which the drama coach generously lent to me. The children not only got to "pet" Mushi, the dragon, seen above, but also to hold colorful "dance fans" and flutter them in a tame version of a butterfly dance.

As for books, the older kids enjoyed James Wong's This Next New Year, which incorporates a number of Chinese New Year traditions in a story of one boy's determination to start the New Year with good luck.

The smaller children enjoyed Red is a Dragon: a Book of Colors and Round is a Mooncake: a Book of Shapes, both by Roseanne Thong and Grace Lin.

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