Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Weekend

Certainly the big event of the weekend was Paul getting his Green belt. It was a group exam, so we got to see all levels of belts as they were tested, which was very interesting. Paul was nervous, but kept his cool and did great! He was so excited to get his new belt.

But pulling his carrots was a pretty exciting event also. They've been growing since last June and were finally big enough to pull. He got twelve big ones, which he says he's keeping for himself to eat, and seven tiny ones, which he gave to me. They were sweet and good. Spikey and the crickets got a few carrot tops to munch on. This success inspired me to hunt up the last of the Swiss Chard seeds in the garage and get them in the ground, and to order a few other cool weather crop seeds: spinach, lettuce, snow peas, and peas. With any luck they'll get here in the next few days while it's still mild outside, and I can get at least the spinach in the ground.

I got a start on painting my sewing room. It was a pleasure to work with the fresh, summer-like Tantalizing Teal color, but it is hard work to paint, so I'm rewarding myself this evening with a glass of Icewine; hm, so sweet and smooth.

Here's a picture of Spikey I took last night. No, he isn't dead! Honestly, he just wanted to lay on his back like this.

Whoever would think a Bearded Dragon could be so entertaining?

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