Sunday, March 11, 2012

Spring Shopping

We've had some beautifully sunny and warm days here lately and the forecast for the coming week is more of the same, leading, of course, to thoughts of spring. Since Paul needed some new school shoes, we combined that shopping trip with a visit to local stores to look for patio furniture and spring flowers. The mall was very crowded, I guess with people doing spring clothes shopping. We got Paul's new shoes quickly and made a quick pass into the Apple store to confirm that no, the new iPad wasn't on display yet.

Paul was a delight to shop with. We had lunch at Johnny Rockets and he generously shared some of his chocolate milkshake with me. He amused himself building a Star Wars ship at the Lego store while I checked out Pottery Barn next door.

Then we headed out of the busy mall and to the local nursery. I've been wanting a couple of chaise lounges that we can lay back in for cozy napping or reading next to the pond and the waterfall. Paul and I liked this one, but it was too big for our little patio and it would need cushions, which always get so dirty.
We kept seeing the Zero Gravity loungers, but they seemed too unsteady for our purpose. I think we'll end up with sling folding loungers so we can easily fold them up and store them when we want to set up a table; flexibility is always good when you're working with a small space.

Paul reminded me to check out the pond and see if they were selling tadpoles yet. They weren't, but it was still fun to see their big koi.

We did find some lovely flowers to put in the pots on the patio, including some pansies, which my mother always planted this time of the year. And they were nice and big, just the way Mom liked them.

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