Monday, April 23, 2012

Before the Rain

It's been raining since Saturday evening.  The forecasters predicted that a cold front would move into the area about 3:00 Saturday afternoon, bringing cold temperatures, strong winds, and "heavy rains."  A dramatic end to the warm sunny days we've been having.  Knowing the change was coming, we made hay while the sun shone, cutting the grass, getting some seeds and plants into the ground,  cleaning up the deck and porches, and deep-cleaning the car interiors. 

But we also spent a fair amount of time just hanging around the pond enjoying it while the beautiful weather was still with us.

We bought two new pond plants.  This one is a Calla Lily.



 This one is a Taro plant.  I love the interesting leaves.

 Many of the plants in the ground around the waterfall that we put in last year are blooming, including this pretty purple one.  I don't remember its name.

We also bought two new Koi, including this shiny and friendly one which we named Jeremiah.

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