Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Weekend

What a great weekend!

On Friday Paul and I drove up to Lititz, Pennsylvania, to visit my friend Margi and her family. Margi used to watch Paul when he was a wee little one and she lived in Maryland, and the first order of business, as is so often the case when we reunite, was to measure him and see how much he had grown since the last visit.

Yup, it was about a half inch!

Then we all went to a local market, the Green Dragon, in Ephrata. The boys bought new baseball caps, we ate sausage in fresh buns, and checked out the various wares, including the many pretty spring bulbs for sale.

That evening Margi and I and her daughter, Julie, had a festive and good dinner at Carrabbas's and then spent the night at the Village Inn and Suites in Bird-in-Hand, about five miles from Intercourse, PA, an Amish community, which we explored the next morning.

There's a large number of shops that serve the many tourists that visit the area, and we checked out a few of them including the Kitchen Kettle Village...

...and its petting zoo.

I really enjoyed seeing the Amish people and their culture, and relaxing with Margi and Julie.

Today is Julie's fifteenth birthday. Happy Birthday, Julie! I remember when you were born!

I drove home Saturday night, leaving Paul to visit for another day. Ben and I cooked a delicious dinner of lamb chops and then watched Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy on our TV. I didn't understand most of what was happening in the movie, but I still enjoyed watching it with Ben.

After sleeping in late this morning (bliss!), we took a long walk, went to our favorite French restaurant for a late brunch, and then to the movies to see The Hunger Games. Ben didn't really enjoy the movie, but he enjoyed watching it with me. Ah, true love!

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