Tuesday, April 3, 2012


This weekend we bought six big bullfrog tadpoles and released them into the pond.

Ben gave Paul my good Pyrex bowl to use as a magnifier so he could watch the little one's swimming in the water.

Meanwhile, the eggs that had been in the pond earlier, were drying colorfully on one of the tables outside.

On Thursday at noon we begin Easter break. Paul says to me at least ten times a day, "I just can't wait until Thursday," and I agree with him completely. Between now and then I absolutely have to finish up my part of the school yearbook; whew! Meanwhile, the library was in an uproar for the past two days due to some construction work over the weekend. Just a bit too much excitement!

Meanwhile, we've made a few trips to my mother's house to finish getting it ready for the closing, which we hope will take place mid-April. I was there tonight and it was especially pretty. There weren't any pansies under her crepe myrtle tree, but her azalea was blooming beautifully. I realize when I'm over there now days that I'm starting to really say my "goodbye" to this home that I've known for almost fifty --hard to believe!-- years.

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