Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hot Days

It's a bit crazy around here.  Although school is out we have a busy schedule with doctors appointments, camp, flute lessons, home projects, play dates (now called "hanging out"),  and other fun and games.  No day is like the other and I keep messing up the schedule!  Today we have only three things scheduled, so I should be able to keep them straight.  The major one is that Paul is getting his braces (round two) put on, poor baby.

On top of everything I'm getting ready for two trips.  The first is my yearly get-away with my sister and our friend from high school days.  We're going to Boston and most of the planning is done for that.  The second is our family trip to France in early July.  Just as I thought we were about at the end of the prep work for that trip I realized that you can't just open your house to a house sitter for two weeks without a little getting ready.  At least I can't.  Gotta make some space, put some things away, write up some info about Spikey, the pond, the aquarium fish.  But I'm almost ready, and as July draws closer, we are beginning to realize that we really will be in France soon!

It's hot, hot, hot expecting to go to 100 degrees today.  It's so hot that we have Spikey on the screened porch right now soaking up the sun.  He likes it.  It must feel good to feel fresh air, hear the birds, and see the sights of the great outdoors when you're used to being cooped up in a cage.

I'm also on the porch and I'm typing this on my new Macbook Pro which arrived last night.   I'm already loving the mobility of it and the back lit keys are so snazzy. 

The water lilies are starting to bloom, reminding us to slow down and appreciate their beauty.  

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