Sunday, June 24, 2012

Night Life

We went out to dinner with our friends Greg and Lorraine while our boys enjoyed the float night at our pool.  We decided to try the Bond 45 steakhouse down at the National Harbor, a new commercial development which sits on the Potomac River directly across from Old Town Alexandria.   It was one of our beautiful summer nights, just right for enjoying the various light shows put on by the Harbor.  These were rivaled by the glowing moon and the constant lights of airplanes approaching National Airport.

Bond 45 has been a New York institution since Prohibition days and has opened only this one other location.  Steakhouses in general aren't my first choice of restaurants, but Ben and I thought this one was superior to others we have tried.  Their Veal Parmigiana was amazing, not only in size, but, more importantly, in flavor.  Yes, that's it sitting on the plate in front of Ben!

The restaurant was laid out so you could easily see the plates being prepared....

...and admire the incredible Italian hams.  They had several kinds of prosciutto and fresh mozzarella cheese...

...and, of course, beautiful steaks.

We were surprised by how busy the restaurant was.  In fact, National Harbor itself was jumping.

Back at home we found another kind of jumping nightlife in the form of these two frog who were singing away like crazy hoping to attract each other's attention.  They certainly attracted ours.

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