Monday, June 4, 2012

Step by Step

Ben and his brother were away this weekend visiting their ailing uncle, so Dawn and I teamed up to take the boys to the Baltimore Aquarium. Friday night had been very stormy, with several tornadoes sighted in the area, but by Saturday morning the weather was calm and sunny. Just right for a visit to the Inner Harbor with its waterside buildings, historic ships, and paddle boats.

Paul and I rented an electric boat and gently motored around a small section of harbor admiring the view and peering into the many "dragon boats."

As we motored closer to the Chesapeake Lightship, who do we spot up on the top but Dawn and the two boys. We had fun taking pictures of them from our viewpoint, and they had fun doing the same from way up there.

While in the Aquarium, I checked out a Bearded Dragon in a habitat that Spikey would surely envy. Sorry, Spikey, we'd never have that many rocks to build your home!

I also tried, mostly unsuccessfully, to take photos of Paul and his two cousins.

Today was the first of the three half days leading up to the last day of school for Paul, which is Wednesday. He is so happy to have a respite from projects, tests, and homework, and is really looking forward to not having to go anyplace in the early morning for a while. That lazing about in the morning starts on Thursday and continues about two weeks when he heads off for camp.

I'm also looking forward to not racing out of the house each morning, and hope to use those early morning hours to get some much needed yard work, gardening, and general cleanup done. I got things rolling today by meeting with a "We Haul Junk" man and arranged to have our junk pile (stowed mostly out of sight behind the sheds) hauled off tomorrow afternoon. That will be a great first step!

And then graduation is tomorrow night, another milestone of the year. Step by step, we're heading towards the finish line!

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