Sunday, July 22, 2012

Back Home

We've had two days of gray days with no sunshine and lots of rain.   It's allowed us to focus on our indoor work of unpacking, putting things away, doing the wash, and figuring out what's on the schedule for the next week.  

In the brief spells when it hasn't been raining, we've noticed that the koi have gotten much bigger while we were gone and readily come up to the water surface in hope that we will give them food, which we do.   I gather that this is the growing season for them and growing they are!

There are now three leaves on the elephant plant and they are huge, with beautiful detail that seems to call out to be photographed, a la Georgia O'Keefe.  

Paul is off to a friend's house for the day, Ben is going to visit his brother, and I'm off to an Apple workout on editing photos in iPhoto 11.  It appears that the rain is lifting and we may be able to eat outdoors with our friend who is coming for dinner later this afternoon.   Should be a nice, relaxing Sunday.   

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