Thursday, July 19, 2012

Oh, to Linger

 We had miles to go yesterday driving from Orange to Auxerre, but with the good weather and good highways, we were clipping along.  Reading the Rick Steves guidebook on my Kindle as Ben drove, I found that Le Hameau du Vin,  a "Disneyesque" theme park centered on wine making, created by George Duboeuf, the promoter of Beaujolais wines, was right on our way; who could resist?

The park was an interesting mixture of education and wine promotion.  The educational component included both in traditional forms like museum displays and films, and in the form of "rides," like one where you flew over the Beaujolais country side.  The promotion included wine tasting and a huge gift shop.  A trip to the vineyard was offered, there was a large garden, and miniature golf.  Clearly you could spend the whole day there.

When we finally arrived in Auxerre we found that our accommodations at the Hotel Parc des Marechaux were very pleasant.  Clearly one could spend a day or two lingering in its comfortable rooms, by its inviting pool, and on its soothing terrace.

But we are out of time.  It's now early morning and we'll soon all be up for breakfast, a quick swim, and then on the road to the airport, a two hour drive that will probably take three due to the traffic.  Oh, to linger in France for just another day or two!

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