Thursday, July 12, 2012


We drove and drove all day yesterday which was more interesting than you might think, at least once we finally got through the two hours of traffic we had to navigate to get out of the Paris area.  We looked for license plates from the different European countries, each with their own abbreviation , such as NL for the Netherlands, were amazed at the French idea of fast food which is called "restauration rapide," and is basically freshly made food served cafeteria style, and admired the wonderful scenery as we headed down to southwestern France.  When we got lost within just a few miles of Sarlat, we at least were lost amid some very picturesque views of French country houses and farmland. 

We are now in Sarlat-la-Caneda, a medieval town in the Dordogne area.  Its agricultural specialties are ducks, geese, especially foie gras (goose liver), and walnuts.  It also apparently has many regional wines that special enough to attract visitors from around the world to the vineyards.  The area is also known for its caves with paintings by early cave men, which we are going to see tomorrow. 

Today we slept late, explored Sarlat, and enjoyed the pool at our hotel.  

I'm pretty sure I had some foie gras last night at dinner, and it was pretty tasty.  I know I had some regional walnuts and they were delicious!  

Our internet here is slow, especially at posting photos, and I haven't figured out how to add the accent marks to the french words that need them.  Well, you have usually have to suffer a little when you're traveling! 

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