Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Running on Empty

We are all running on empty around here these past few days.  Chopping down the wisteria took a lot of energy and we needed a few days to recover.  Now Paul and I seem to be fighting off summer colds or allergies and Ben had a colonoscopy this morning; need we say more?  Over all we are just plain tired out at the moment.   Meanwhile, the start of school is bearing down on us with staff training for me and school shopping for Paul.

The big excitement of the day was receiving two UPS packages.  One big box contained Paul's new wheeled backpack made out of cool green and gray camouflage material, along with a matching lunchbox, both from L.L. Bean and both for school.   Smiles all around.   The second box contained several packs of frozen sausages shipped along with lots and lots of dry ice to keep them frozen on their long journey (they are made just a few miles from here, but you have to order them online).

As Ben ran water over the dry ice in the sink to "melt" it, the most amazing and long lasting billows of steam filled the room.

It was pretty dramatic!

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