Sunday, October 7, 2012

A World Away

     After a long, hard drive Friday night we awoke in a lovely cabin near Seneca Rocks, West Virginia, in a world quite different from our usual daily scene of suburbs and city.

     The weather was threatening rain, and the grey clouds were very dramatic.  Since we were in the mountains it was much cooler than at home and there was more fall color on the trees.  

    We had come at the invitation of our friends Sandy and Gina.  After a great breakfast of homemade waffles they set off to do some rock climbing and we went off to try out the Canopy Zip Line at Nelson Rocks  Outdoor Recreation Area.  Ben and Paul had signed up online for a tour a few weeks back and  I initially had decided not to join them.  But once we got there, I changed my mind.  Was I really going to just hang around for several hours while they had all the fun?  No, indeed!  So I faced my fears and went for it!   It turned out to be really fun for all of us.

     There were twelve zip lines, starting with the "trainee" run and working up to a long ride about eighty feet above the ground.  The rain held off and late in the afternoon the sun even came out.  Much to our surprise, it turned into a beautiful day.

At the end of about three hours of zipping around the forest, we were lowered forty feet to the ground. The whole experience was very cool.

     Back at the cabin we had a wonderful evening, sharing tales of the day's adventures with Sandy and Gina while we worked together to make dinner.

     The promised rain finally arrived during the night, causing the fog to rise up from the valley this morning.  What a view!

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