Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Twas the Night Before Halloween

Sandy left us very wet, but with no damage to the house and with no loss to our power, thank heavens.

After doing his homework, Paul went to visit friends and came back eager to make a ninja costume to wear trick-or-treating tomorrow night.  A quick review of YouTube videos showed him how to make cool weapon out of paper, complete with a sheath.  I was impressed that he could make this on his own, albeit with the online help of YouTube; it's amazing what you can find online.

Paul already had a pair of black karate pants, I made him a red sash, Ben contributed black t-shirts for the top and the mask, and presto! a ninja appeared in our kitchen.

Fetcher was not impressed, but Ben and I thought Paul had done a great job of transforming himself, at least until he went out of character and began petting the kitty. 

What a strange October it's been.  We don't have a single pumpkin on our porch and only a few decorations out.  It's mostly been warm, and before Sandy blew in I was still wearing capris and sandals.  Sandy didn't blow all the leaves off the trees, so we still have fading fall foliage to enjoy.  We're all back to work and school tomorrow, which, suddenly, is the last day of October.  

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