Sunday, November 18, 2012

Weekend Thoughts

Remembering the great time Ben and I had in Easton Thursday night at the blissfully relaxing Bartlett Pear Inn.

Looking forward to dinner with Sara and Warren tonight, after she gives Paul his flute lesson.  Last week they cooked for us and it was so good!  Tonight Ben and I are cooking steaks, which should also be good.  

Flute lesson nights sure are fun.

Getting used to having my picture taken at any moment by Ben as he becomes better acquainted with his new camera and lenses.

Enjoying the color that has lasted so long this beautiful autumn.

Still amazed by the final fight scene in Breaking Dawn, Part 2, which I saw yesterday. 

Wondering if we'll go for a walk when Ben comes home. 

Ah, I hear his car on the driveway now.  See you later!

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