Monday, April 29, 2013

Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival

I'm back home now where it's raining with a forecast of "cool and damp" through Wednesday.  As I looked through the photos I took on my trip to Disney World, I could feel the brightness and warmth of the sun; ah, bliss. 

This is my favorite picture of all the ones I took on my little get-away with Jean and Jan.  The sight of these two little princesses walking with Dad in his color coordinated shirt and carrying their pink shopping bags just warmed my heart.

We were fortunate to visit while the Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival was underway, which meant that the Epcot grounds were filled with flowers, gardening ideas, and Disney character  topiaries.

I loved the contrast in the dark and light green leaves in this grouping of plants.  

This pot reminded me of how good it looks to put a creeping plant in a very shallow container.  

Not all the flowers were real.  Aren't these fused glass ones beautiful?

This false window with it's flower box was fun. 

Got any old rubber boots or Crocs hanging around?  You could plant things in them!  

And how's this for a low-budget but nifty bird bath? 

And all those extra flower pots in the shed? You could make a man!  (Or maybe it's a woman.)   

But the topiaries were the star attractions.  There were over 100 of them! I just photographed a few.  

Here's the crocodile from Peter Pan. 

Lady and the Tramp were so sweet. 

Here's Donald Duck playing badminton with Daffy... 

...and Mickey and Minnie out barbecuing. 

 Goofy and Pluto also joined the party. 

At night the topiaries were lit up beautifully.  Cinderella and her Prince were quite stunning dancing under the full moon. 

We didn't plan our trip to see the Flower & Garden Festival, but I'm so glad that we got to see it.

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