Thursday, April 18, 2013

Something Unexpected

My colleague asked me to cover her class for a few minutes as the students came into the computer lab from their last class, which was Health.  As they came in, several of the students carried printed diagrams of the male and female reproductive parts, worksheets from Health, where they are studying "puberty."  I knew this was being studied, since I had sat through two classes which were held in the library today for lack of other space.   Still, it was kind of shocking to see pictures of private parts flapping in the breeze as the students carried them down the hall from one class to the other.  Once in the lab, many took the time to tuck them away in their binders, but a few let them "all hang out," plopping the worksheets down next to the computers as they signed on.  I confess that I found the juxtaposition amusing. 

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