Friday, June 28, 2013

Camera Choices and Other Thoughts

Yesterday we had a full day with many errands and chores.

When it was almost dusk Paul headed over to the neighbor's to play with their dog.  Feeling the need to "make something" I asked Ben if I could use his camera and went next door to snap a few pictures of Paul and the dog with the 85mm lens that was already in Ben's Nikon.

The fish were hoping I was going to feed them as I set out, but I just took their picture.

I snapped these two good ones of Paul and Albert...

...and this one of Paul, which pretty much captures the promise of the 85mm lens, that it makes
" subjects pop out and backgrounds melt away."

Clearly Ben's Nikon is vastly superior in many ways than my Canon Powershot S100, but I still love my handy little camera.  Here is its depiction of last night's relaxing time on the porch.  How lovely to have a choice of cameras.

As I sat on the porch I thought about how this time next year we will probably be living in Boulder, Colorado, and I wondered if the night was sweeter, if the beauty of the candles, the taste of the wine, the promise of a new book to read in the soft night air --- if all these were heightened by the knowledge that the time to enjoy them here in this particular place is limited.  I know that we've enjoyed some beautiful summer nights in Boulder and that many more such nights are ahead of us, but there is still a poignancy in knowing that our Maryland nights are numbered.

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