Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Countdown to the End of School Year: Two....

Today was the 8th grade graduation ceremony, the big day when the movie/slide show I've been working on since January is played.  

I met with the sound man at the church where the graduation would be held and made sure the DVD of the slide show was working as planned on his equipment,  that he knew when to play it, and that it looked good on the jumbo screens in the church. 

While I was there I met with the facilities crew to explain how we needed the sanctuary set up.

Then it was back to school to show the movie to the 8th graders so they had a chance to "ooh" and "aww" over the baby pictures in private before watching it in public.  It was also my last chance to find out if I'd gotten an pictures mislabeled!  Paul had already caught a big mistake I'd made; two pictures of one grad and none of another.  Yikes!  Actually, my nightmare scenario is finding out that I had mixed up baby pictures; thankfully I haven't done that so far,  Though today one student told me, "I'm sure that's my brother's baby picture and not mine."  Too funny, but not my problem!

And then, in the evening, the graduation itself.  Here are some of the grads in the foyer waiting to march in.  See the screen behind them?  The church seemed to have movie screens everywhere.

Tonight's sound man wanted me to stay with him and make sure he hit the "play" button at the right time.   Being in the sound booth near him gave me a chance to watch the audience watch the show, and they enjoyed all seventeen minutes of it.  That was fun to see. 

My colleagues kept reminding me tonight that next year Paul will be graduating.  Oh my, yes.

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  1. As always, the slide show was amazing! I can't believe how grown up those young men and women are! And yes, next year, we will be sitting in the front row!!! :-) Sooo hard to believe!!! Congratulations on another well-done slide show!


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