Sunday, June 9, 2013

We're in Rome!

As I write this it's noon on Sunday and we're all up after having a good night's sleep, which was sorely needed since we had been awake for about 42 hours, give or take a few catnaps. So far everything has gone well with the exception of finding that the free Wi-Fi in the apartment wasn't working. Promises were made and we will see if they are kept. Meanwhile we are using the global services of our phone, including turning them into hotspots for the boy's Instagrams.

We were picked up by a private van and given an introductory tour of the city, which was very good and useful. After a few hours at the apartment (near the Spanish Steps) we walked to Trajan's Column where we met our group for a tour of the Coliseum. That turned out to be fabulous and we all marveled at the beauty and history of that structure and that whole area. We took a death-defying cab ride ( actually two since our group of five doesn't fit into one small European taxi) to a recommended pizza place and had a late dinner of pasta and pizzas. The place was packed with people and fun to be at. Then a long walk home, directions courtesy of Ben, who read the ever-changing iMaps directions out to us as we ambled along, enjoying the novelty of being in such interesting neighborhoods filled with so many people out late enjoying the beautiful night.

Here are a few photos, the last showing the view from one of the balconies at our apartment.

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