Thursday, July 25, 2013

A Pretty Good Birthday

Paul had a "pretty good" birthday, celebrating at Dave & Buster's with Tommy, Alex, and Adam.  

Tommy just had his birthday party there on Sunday and everyone had such a good time that Paul decided that's where he wanted his party, also.  So back they went again, this time adding Adam into the mix, and having homemade brownies for dessert instead of cupcakes.  No one seemed to mind being back again so soon; I think they figured they were pros by then.  They certainly racked up the tickets.

Ben and I had ordered a G-Shock watch as one of Paul's presents, and it was delivered just in time for him to get it on his birthday, which was a pleasant surprise.  He wore it to bed last night.  

Today we went out and bought a new set of golf clubs, his old ones being declared "too short" by his instructor earlier this week.  His karate pants are also too short and I have five new pairs to shorten before he goes away to karate camp on Sunday.  I'm going to make this daunting task more fun by watching the first season of Nurse Jackie while I work. 

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