Sunday, July 28, 2013

And He's Off!

Paul is off on the bus for a week away at karate camp.  After I hemmed five new pairs of karate pants my work was about done since Paul pulled his things together and packed himself up pretty much on his own.   The fact that he was quite in charge of getting himself ready and that he will be taking care of himself this week, albeit under the casual supervision of the camp staff, is a bit scary.  Can he really function without us around all the time?  Well, clearly he can.  Not only does he make it through the school days without our help, but he made it through karate camp last year just fine.  

In fact, he loved camp last year and really looked forward to going again this year.  He told me somewhat shyly that he liked it not only because he got to do three hours of karate a day and have fun with his friends the rest of the time, but because "I got to be away from you guys. And Mom, I love you guys but it is nice to get away from you sometimes." 

I think he thought I'd be offended, but I certainly wasn't!  I said, "Sweetie, I know exactly what you mean.  As much as I love you, it's nice to be away from you sometime, too."  

Here's to a fun week for all of us!

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  1. Great photos and nice sentiments from Paul and you!


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