Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Beach Time

We are having wonderful weather here in Cape May with temperatures in the low eighties,and lots of sunshine, perfect for enjoying the beach and the town. 

In light of all the memories Cape May holds for me and all the reminiscing I did yesterday when we got here, I found this sign (spotted in a craft gallery) to be an amusing reminder to "live in the here and now."  

One thing we love about Cape May is that it is such a walkable town.  We usually park our car and leave it parked, walking everywhere -- to the beach, to the restaurants, and to shopping.  This is a welcome change from home, where we have to use the car to go almost anyplace.   And walking in Cape May, with all its Victorian architecture,  involves so much seeing.  It's a visual delight.

Today as I walked around I tried out the camera on my iPad 3.  I found its flat, big surface hard to hold, but was pleased with the photographs it took.  

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