Monday, August 12, 2013

From Ocean Creatures to Horses

After the big rainstorm, Saturday was beautiful with sunny, warm weather, just perfect for the activities we had planned.   In the morning we joined  Diver Ed on a boat ride out to find ocean sea creatures.  

We knew we were in for a fun time when Diver Ed used one of his two Newfoundlands to model proper life vest use.

The thirty adults and kids on Diver Ed's boat watched him dress in his scuba gear, helped push him overboard, and then watched and listened via a big screen as he searched the ocean floor for sea creatures which he brought back on board ship for everyone to look at and hold.   It was such fun.

Here we are watching and listening on the big screen as he finds a Brittle Starfish during his dive.

When he came back up Paul had the honor of using his strength to push the button on Diver Ed's suit, causing him to blow up like a balloon.  Apparently it was hard to keep pushing the button as the pressure in the suit grew stronger. 

When the sea creatures were all aboard Diver Ed invited the kids to come forward for a close look as he gave lively and interesting descriptions of each one.  Here he is with a Sea Cucumber, a live animal which breaths through its butt and protects itself from enemies by forming into a hard basketball shape.   

Everyone had a chance to hold each creature. 

We all enjoyed being on the boat and learning about ocean life.

In the afternoon we went into the park and took a carriage ride up Day Mountain,  learning about the the park's carriage roads.  It's hard to believe that American life used to be based on the horse and buggy.  Things sure were slower paced back then!  

From the top of Day Mountain you could see many of the islands in the Gulf of Maine.  I just love the blue of the ocean water.  


  1. Awwww...Diver Ed!!! John and the boys went on the cruise in 2009! They had fun! I opted to stay on shore at the College and walk around and just enjoy the quiet!!!! Glad you had a great time!

    1. We had a wonderful trip; hard to be getting back into the swing of the new school.

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