Friday, August 9, 2013

Land of the Lobster

We drove from Portland to Bar Harbor yesterday, generally sticking to the highway except for a scenic detour to Georgetown where we had a fantastic lobster roll at Five Islands Lobster Company. 

I had a delicious birthday dinner at McKay's Public House.  We'd gotten Rosalie's pizza for the kids and left them in internet heaven in the room while we enjoyed more adult pleasures like beet salad, French wine, mussells in a spicy broth, and Lobster Mac and Cheese (which was good but not as good as what Ben made last week at home).  

I think this is our fourth trip to Bar Harbor and all the other times we camped in Acadia National Park at the Blackwoods camp grounds.  Camping has its charms, but since we were flying up this time we decided to stay at the West Street Hotel right on the Bar Harbor waterfront.  We have a wonderful view of the water and the street life below us from our lovely balcony, and when we woke up to a steady rain this morning I was really glad that we're bedraggled and wet at a camp site.  

The rain is coming down hard and I think we're going to go check out  the game room at the Bar Harbor Resort, which is part of our hotel package, and later see Despicable Me 2 at the Reel Pizza Cinerama, right up the street.  You watch the movie while sitting on sofas and eating gourmet pizza; should be fun.  The rain is supposed to end tonight, giving us good weather for a boat tour we have scheduled for the morning.  


  1. What a great trip! We never went to Reel Pizza, but always wanted to! We stayed in a condo right on the corner of Roberts Avenue and Mt. Desert Street. If you walk from the Village Green toward the Episcopal Church, our condo was straight ahead! The last time we were there in 2010, John and I got ice cream every night at CJ's right there across from the Village Green! Always loved walking on Main Street! Wish I had my Fitbit then! Enjoy the rest of the your time and post more pictures!!!!

    1. Thanks, Narmeen. We were going to get ice cream at CJ's tonight after the movies but it was too stormy. Hard to believe that the weather could be bad enough to keep us from getting ice cream, but it was!


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