Sunday, August 4, 2013

Reflections on the Week

Paul is back from karate camp, having had lots of fun.  Highlights of the week included earning his "One Step" stripe, eating three pieces of Chocolate Lava cake, throwing the first ball that caused an instructor to plunge into a dunk tank, and being given the "Big Brother" award for helping out with the younger campers.     

On our way out of town coming home from the beach, Ben and I swung through Cape May Point, a small residential beach front neighborhood on the very point of the pennisula.  It had some lovely buildings, including a church.....

..and a general store with a very good restaurant.

We had a light breakfast, saving ourselves since we had reservations at The Buttery, a wonderful restaurant in Lewes, Delware, that I've been to several times in the past.  Ben and I had such a good lunch there, punctuated by the arrival of a big thunderstorm.  I do think that sitting on a covered porch during a downpour is one of life's great pleasures! 

Last night John and Dawn and the cousins were over for and Ben made this fantastic Macaroni and Cheese with Lobster meat for dinner.  It was basically from this recipe but we found out in the middle of making it that Ben's laptop was open to one recipe and mine was open to another!  Too funny, but the result was delicious.  If you'd want to replicate it you'll need to add some sauteed chopped onions,  use "seashell" macaroni instead of elbow, and add frozen lobster meat in place of fresh. 

Speaking of funny, I had to laugh when I saw this basket of dogs at PetSmart yesterday.  There were actually five in there, but one was hiding.

And if you happen to have any extra old bathroom sinks in your garage, you could make this amusing garden artwork in your garden.  This was hanging in the courtyard of the Chalfonte Hotel, and water dripped from one sink down to the next, ending up in the bathttub at the bottom which served as a little pond.   I thought it was pretty clever. 

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