Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day Weekend

John and Dawn came over last night with the twins for dinner bringing these luscious peaches.  They taste as good as they look.  

After a gourmet dinner featuring beef tenderloin with whisky sauce and grilled potatoes, we all watched as Paul shot off the last of the fireworks.  John dryly noted that we wouldn't be doing fireworks after we move to dry, fire-sensitive Colorado.  No indeed, but there will be other amusements.

Johnny also correctly noted that Paul needed safety glasses, the several pair we've bought in the past having mysteriously gone missing.  Looking online this morning for some to buy, I ran across packing supplies on  I was surprised to see that one could buy a "Deluxe Home Moving kit" with 25 small boxes, 40 medium boxes, 30 large boxes, five wardrobe boxes, 5 dish boxes, five dish dividers,  as well as bubble wrap, newsprint, and tape gun, supposedly enough to handle the stuff in a good sized house with five or six bedrooms.   The notion of filling all those boxes was certainly daunting.

As I look around this house full of stuff it's hard to believe that we will actually be packing up and moving next year.  As a small step forward, I did manage to get rid of this box of scrap booking materials today.  It's been around since right before Paul was born, when a friend got me interested in scrap booking for a while.  Yeah! One less thing to pack!  We can do this.

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  1. Mary, glad you enjoyed a wonderful holiday weekend. Hope Paul recovers very quickly from his injury. Suggest you have at least two and maybe more national movers estimate number and type of boxes and weight of household goods. Books take up box space and can weigh a lot. We gave away so much and still had 200+ boxes. Of course you won't have as many dolls.
    We had a perfect weekend hosting Jon's family, Daniel's family, Tamara's family, and Amy during parts of the 4-day weekend. Amy drove with us on Monday to see Melinda, visit Amish furniture and bakery place, and see Dan's house. Today is laundry day for bedding.
    Love, Jim


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