Monday, September 23, 2013

Weekend Dining

We had guests for dinner each night this weekend, an unusual but fun turn of events. 

Ben had gone rock climbing at the gym Friday afternoon and invited his climbing partner, Dave, over for a sausage and sauerkraut dinner afterwards.  The food was good and Dave was interesting company. 

On Saturday Ben's brother, John, and his family came over for a dinner of salmon topped with pesto and tomatoes, with homemade brownies for dessert.  It was a great night for sitting on the porch drinking wine and chatting.  

Sunday night was our regular dinner with Paul's flute teacher and her boyfriend.  In an internet search we had found that the #1 ranked restaurant in our area according to Yelp voter is Lima Chicken, a Peruvian chicken take-out place that we had never tried.  Go figure.  So we picked some up for dinner and found that it was pretty darn good.  

In addition to eating and visiting, the weekend included several walks and a bit of yard work.  This morning as we snuggled in bed Ben said, "I sure had a good weekend."  Yes, indeed.  

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