Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Shutdown: Day 15

 Photo by Marlee Ginter, WoodTV 

Still Ridiculous!

It's nervous nail-biting time as we wait for the next step in the drama of house buying.  Last night we were told the owner had received a higher offer.  We were disappointed, but after a good night's sleep were ready to move on.   But early this afternoon we heard that the owner was preparing a counter offer so I guess we aren't out of the game on this house yet!

Meanwhile I'm trying to distract myself by getting the outside of our house decorated for fall.

Here's the end-of-the-summer bedraggled look it had this morning.    

And here it is after some cleaning up, decluttering, and the addition of some beautiful mums and a pumpkin.

A nice improvement, I think!

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