Thursday, January 2, 2014

A Good Day

There's nothing like an unexpected snow storm to make everything look beautiful.

We are at the southern edge of the big monster storm which is sweeping up the east coast and whacking everyplace from Pennsylvania to Maine with seven to twelve inches of snow.  The forecasters here declared that our snow would start falling after midnight and we'd get only get a inch or so before it ended at daybreak.  Instead it started snowing about 5:00 P.M. and is still snowing hard now at 9:15, with a good two inches already on the ground.  Paul and I were just outside enjoying the pretty and quiet night.

 I spent most of the day making fancy sugar cookies with my friend, Sara.  We used Royal Icing to "flood" the cookies, something I had never done.  I usually just sprinkle them with colored sugar but we wanted these to be very grown up and sophisticated so we tried something new and special.

Sara made thirteen snowflakes to give to the kids in her advisory group at school; don't they look great? 

 It is was fun and now there's this lovely snow….it's been a good day.

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