Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sunday Thoughts

Our three inches of snow have made it very pretty around here.  

Not to be outdone, Boulder got ten and half ten inches yesterday.  Ben tells me that's a "$100 snow" since we pay by the inch to have the sidewalks and driveway at our Boulder house shoveled out.  Shoveled sidewalks are the law, plus it would be mean not to since everyone walks a lot and a parade of people and dogs go by our house throughout the day.  

Around here we usually just shovel the short sidewalk up to our door and let Ben's all-wheel drive Subaru get up and down the long driveway.  

It is supposed to get very cold Monday night and Tuesday and I'm watching our pond closely to see if it freezes completely over.  While this would be pretty, it wouldn't be good for the fish since they need oxygen.   The pump that constantly circulates water should keep the water from freezing and we've been told that no heater is needed.  But this is the first winter it's cold enough to find out if this is what really happens, and I'm mighty curious.   

The cold doesn't bother some people.  Here's Paul about to leave for karate yesterday.  I'm used to him just throwing on a hoodie, but the flip flops were a surprise. 

Did you notice the "Antique" affect from iPhoto on those last two photos?  Just playing around.

Also played around with a New Year's card on iPhoto and ordered some to send out.  That was fun.  

Packed up all the Christmas and New Year's decorations so they are ready to move to Colorado.  Not so much fun, but very satisfying. 

I've been sewing --happy, happy!--but don't have anything to show you just yet. 

I've been thinking about resolutions for the coming year but I'll save that for tomorrow. 

Ah, tomorrow.  The first day back to school in over two weeks!  Ouch.   Paul and I have had such a great time not adhering to a fixed schedule.  Well, we have gotten up to see Ben off to work each morning, but being washed, dressed, and fully awake and ready for school by 8:15 A.M. is going to be a challenge.  

Gotta take Paul to karate.  Sometimes I think this blog should be called "In Haste." 

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