Thursday, March 13, 2014

Two Big Steps

We signed with our realtor Tuesday in a rather exhausting three hour session of talking, learning, and signing papers.  

Today we are finishing up the house photos so the MLS listing will be up tomorrow in time for the weekend.  Taking photos is easy enough --between the realtor and us we can get plenty of pictures --but getting ready to take the photos is hard work.  It means making the final push to get extraneous stuff packed up or at least moved out of the room long enough to get a streamlined photo.  

I quite like this uncluttered look.  I guess we'll be living with it while the house is on the market.  Maybe by the time we sell and move we'll be used to hauling the toaster out of the cupboard when we need it and picking up after ourselves constantly.  Maybe we'll be used to a streamlined life and will enjoy living that way in our new Boulder home.  You never know.

Over the weekend we decided to sign with Allied to do our actual move.  What a hard decision that was!  There's plenty of information online about the perils of long distance moving and apparently there is no fail proof way to get yourself moved across country; every method has its problems.   We got as much information as we could, had a few salesmen come look over our stuff and give us estimates, and finally decided we'd do best with Allied.   Wish us luck!


  1. Hi Mary, we signed with Allied also! They did a fine job (you can read about it on my blog). We are now staying in an apartment while our new house is being finished and our stuff is in storage. I got very used to having a sparkling, uncluttered kitchen and it's no problem to haul out the toaster and put it back, just habit. I have also gotten "habituated" to wiping out the SS sink every day. If you keep up with it it's like no work at all. GOOD LUCK!!

  2. We used Allied too. There were some losses and breakage but they settled with us after. No company will be perfect but they have been around for a long time! It's amazing on the day they come to do the house. It happens fairly quickly, and you see your life's accumulations packed into a small space quickly, doors closed, and it drives away!


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