Sunday, March 16, 2014

What's Up With Paul

As you can see, Paul's broken wrist has healed now and he is back to playing his flute and doing karate.  

I'm so glad.  I missed hearing him play the flute and all that excess energy he wasn't burning off in karate was about to drive me crazy.

Yesterday clever Ben asked Paul to help clean out the basement by smashing some old cabinets into trash-size pieces.  Just the kind of request a 13-year old likes!  

When I made this collage I asked Paul to add the "bubble caption."  Of course he chose green.  

We are sitting in Starbucks right now waiting while someone looks at our house.  I wonder what they make of Paul's green room?   I hope they'll think that a boy who loves that green must have really enjoyed living in that house with all that land to mess around in.  Because it's so true.  

We've had a beautiful weekend and I got a kick out of seeing Paul do some spinning tricks on his swing.   Just when I was beginning to feel a bit guilty for pulling Paul away from his wonderful big yard and dragging him off to Boulder he offered up these comforting words:  "I'm ready for a change."   

Onward, Paul!

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